Manufacturer of fiberglass fabric tells the properties of fiberglass tape

 2021-08-18 | View:1200

Fiberglass tape has insulation, heat insulation, corrosion resistance, non-combustion, high temperature resistance, high strength and other properties, fiberglass tape is mainly used as insulating materials, reinforced materials of fiberglass reinforced plastic, chemical filter cloth, high pressure steam insulation material, fireproof products, high elastic transmission belt, building materials and wall cloth.

Fiberglass tape

Product characteristics and features of fiberglass tape:

1, Fiberglass woven fabric high-temperature resistant tape is made of high-quality high-density non-alkali glass cloth, single-sided coated with imported silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive, and processed by high temperature.

2, Fiberglass tape products have good temperature resistance, adhesion force is strong, strong tear resistance, solvent resistance and other characteristics, used in H class heat-resistant insulation binding, flexible line version and ceramic components fixed high strength insulation protection.

3, Fiberglass tape has the highest heat resistance and toughness among textile products, and can effectively absorb electrical insulation paint and resin.

4, Good thermal stability, can work at 180℃ for a long time, can withstand 260℃ high-temperature in a short time.

5, Soft tear resistance, strong bonding force, not easy to deformation, suitable for all kinds of profile surface paste protection.

6, No glue residue, after a long time of high temperature curing when tearing the tape, leaving no glue residue.