How to distinguish between good and bad fiberglass cloth?

 2021-07-27 | View:1429

Fiberglass cloth is fiberglass woven fabric as the base material, the polymer anti emulsion immersion coating, is widely used in wall reinforcement materials, reinforced cement products, reinforced plastic, rubber products of the skeleton material, many friends are using glass fiber cloth, but how to distinguish the fiberglass cloth?

Method one: by observing the surface of the fiberglass cloth to judge the good or bad. Good quality fiberglass cloth, the surface is relatively clean, the latitude and longitude of the mesh is uniform and straight, the toughness is better, and the mesh is more uniform. And the fiberglass cloth with poor quality has uneven mesh and bad toughness.

fiberglass cloth

Method two: good chemical stability, good quality fiberglass cloth chemical properties are relatively stable, alkali resistance, acid resistance, water resistance, cement corrosion resistance, and other chemical corrosion resistance, the use of safety is relatively high.

Method three: through the color to judge the quality of fiberglass cloth, good quality of fiberglass cloth its color is with luster, and more uniform, and the quality of the poor fiberglass cloth not only touch up, but the color is also dark, cloudy.

Method four: by stretching the fiberglass cloth to judge the quality of the fiberglass cloth. Good fiberglass cloth is not easy to deformation, by stretching it can be restored, and the quality of the poor fiberglass cloth by stretching, its deformation will be difficult to restore the original state, affecting the normal use.